To hold your hand, to hold you close,

Look in those eyes and see the love,

To know deep down it's me you chose,

I thank the Lord in heav'n above.



The joy you give can't be denied,

And say to me it's our turn now,

You'll be forever by my side,

Life without you? I don't know how.



When I first saw you standing there,

My mouth went dry, my hands they shook,

To think my world you would now share,

There is a greater force than luck.



All dressed in white and silken bows,

Your angel face is turned to me,

We cross the bridge and make the vows,

The rings exchanged; they are the key.



Man of the cloth, he spoke the phrase,

'Now kiss the bride,' and I did so,

Moments to cherish all our days,

The service over, time to go.



As we walk past their gazing eyes,

The throngs of guests on either side,

We're arm in arm, to my surprise,

Their mouths are open, gaping wide.



We two as one, forget the past,

Together now, and hope always,

I know this love is bound to last,

We won't forget our special day.



(C) Paul Kane 1997

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