This is the part of the site where you can read stories by some of Paul Kane's favourite writers. The list will be updated every month or so and will build into a brilliant showcase for new and established genre talents. Simply click on the story title to read.


The Chalk Man

By C.J. Tudor - Added February 2018


Black Wood

By SJI Holliday - Added January 2018



By Jeff Abbott - Added December 2017


The Ritual

By Adam L.G. Nevill - Added November 2017


The Burnings

By Julian Lees - Added October 2017



By Fiona Cummins - Added September 2017


The Forgotten Girl

By Rio Youers - Added August 2017


The Final Hour

By Tom Wood - Added July 2017


Faking A Murderer

By Lee Child (from a story by Kathy Reichs and Lee Child in the anthology Match Up)- Added June 2017


Deep Down Dead

By Steph Broadribb - Added May 2017



By Sarah J. Naughton - Added April 2017



By Tim Lebbon - Added March 2017


Hekla's Children

By James Brogden - Added February 2017



By G X Todd - Added January 2017


Thin Air

By Michelle Paver - Added December 2016


The Last Days of Jack Sparks

By Jason Arnopp - Added November 2016


The Wrong Side of Goodbye

By Michael Connelly - Added October 2016


The Family Man

By T.J. Lebbon - Added September 2016



By Angela Slatter - Added August 2016


Who Killed Sherlock Holmes?

By Paul Cornell - Added July 2016


The Steel Kiss

By Jeffery Deaver - Added June 2016


Splinter of Silence

By Val McDermid - Added May 2016


Time of Death

By Mark Billingham - Added April 2016


The Lie Tree

By Frances Hardinge - Added March 2016


Jonathan Dark or the Evidence of Ghosts

By A.K. Benedict - Added February 2016


School is Hell

By David Gatward - Added January 2016


The Leftovers

By Tom Perrotta - Added December 2015


A Painted Smile

By Frances Fyfield - Added November 2015


The Cilicium Pandoric

By Barbie Wilde - Added October 2015



By Tania Carver - Added September 2015


Someone Else's Skin

By Sarah Hilary - Added August 2015


Empire of Dust

By Jacey Bedford - Added July 2015


Overnight Stop

By Alison Moore - Added June 2015


The Scarlet Gospels

By Clive Barker - Added May 2015



By Josh Malerman - Added April 2015


The Long Twilight

By Ian Rankin - Added March 2015


The Missing and the Dead

By Stuart MacBride - Added February 2015


A Killing Moon

By Steven Dunne - Added January 2015


The Returned

By Seth Patrick - Added December 2014


Dead Men's Bones

By James Oswald - Added November 2014


The Wolves of London

By Mark Morris - Added October 2014


Newspaper Heart

By Stephen Volk - Added September 2014


Green Eyes

By Nicholas Vince - Added August 2014


The Boy With The Porcelain Blade

By Den Patrick - Added July 2014


The Killing Club

By Paul Finch - Added June 2014



By Maynard and Sims - Added May 2014


Last God Standing

By Michael Boatman - Added April 2014



By Angela Slatter - Added March 2014


Lines of Affection

By Helen Marshall - Added February 2014


Barbed Wire Hearts

By Cate Gardner - Added January 2014


The Woman in Black: Angel of Death

By Martyn Waites - Added December 2013



By Kerry Wilkinson - Added November 2013


Westlake Soul

By Rio Youers - Added October 2013


The Devil in Red

By Alex Bell - Added September 2013


New Murders in the Rue Morgue

By Clive Barker - Added August 2013


The Sons of Tammany

By Mike Carey - Added August 2013


The Gruesome Affair of the Electric Blue Lightning

By Joe R. Lansdale - Added August 2013


The Vanishing Assassin

By Jonathan Maberry - Added August 2013


The Mystery of Marie Rogêt

By Edgar Allan Poe - Added July 2013


Sherlock Holmes: Stuff of Nightmares

By James Lovegrove - Added June 2013




By Sarah Pinborough - Added May 2013



By Mo Hayder - Added April 2013


The Silver Bough

By Lisa Tuttle - Added March 2013


Babylon Steel

By Gaie Sebold - Added February 2013


Seeing Nancy

By Nina Allan - Added January 2013


The Venus Complex

By Barbie Wilde - Added December 2012


Blood and Feathers

By Lou Morgan - Added November 2012


The Fading

By Christopher Ransom - Added October 2012


Talulla Rising

By Glen Duncan - Added September 2012


Dawn of the Dead

By George A. Romero and Susanna Sparrow - Added August 2012



By Niki Valentine - Added July 2012


World War Z

By Max Brooks - Added June 2012


The Wicker Tree

By Robin Hardy - Added May 2012


The Exorcist - 40th Anniversary Edition

By William Peter Blatty - Added April 2012


The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor

By Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga - Added March 2012


77 Shadow Street

By Dean Koontz - Added February 2012


A Cold Season

By Alison Littlewood - Added January 2012


Black Flowers

By Steve Mosby - Added December 2011


Department 19

By Will Hill - Added November 2011


Stacy and her Idiot

By Peter Atkins - Added October 2011



The Underground

By Jason V. Brock - Added September 2011


Zoo City

By Lauren Beukes - Added August 2011


The Ravenglass Eye

By Tom Fletcher - Added July 2011


Serial Killers, Incorporated

Vampire Warlords

By Andy Remic - Added June 2011


Dead Reckoning

By Charlaine Harris - Added May 2011


Kincaid - A Paranormal Casebook

By William F. Nolan - Added April 2011


Zombie Dawn

By Steve Feasey - Added March 2011


The Ritual

By Adam Nevill - Added February 2011



By Mike Shevdon - Added January 2011


Pretty Little Dead Things

By Gary McMahon - Added December 2010


Paint It Black

By Joseph D'Lacey - Added November 2010


Thinning The Herd

By Michael Knost - Added October 2010


Emergency Exit

A Sad Affair In Verbatim City


Once, In Aetullia


By Liam Sharp - Added September 2010



By Stephen Leather - Added August 2010



By Yvonne Navarro - Added July 2010


The Empire of Salt

By Weston Ochse - Added June 2010


Vampyre Labyrinth (Red Eye)

By G.P. Taylor - Added May 2010


Shock Rock

By Axelle Carolyn - Added April 2010


City of Dreams and Nightmare

By Ian Whates - Added March 2010



By Brett Alexander Savory - Added February 2010


Love Among The Lobelias

By Robert Shearman - Added January 2010



By Dan Abnett - Added December 2009


The Harrowing

By Alexandra Sokoloff - Added Halloween 2009


Go Ask Elric

By Tad Williams - Added October 2009


Emma Baxter's Boy

Long Sunset

By Ed Gorman - Added September 2009



If I Only Had The Time

By Kevin J. Anderson - Added August 2009


The Strain

By Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan - Added July 2009


The Spy Who Haunted Me

By Simon R. Green - Added June 2009


Lost Boys

By James Miller - Added May 2009



By David Moody - Added April 2009


Passion Play

By Nancy Holder - Added March 2009


The Muldoon

By Glen Hirshberg - Added February 2009


Feeding Ground

By Sarah Pinborough - Added January 2009


The Wasp Factory

By Iain Banks - Added December 2008



By Kealan Patrick Burke - Added November 2008


That Was Radio Clash

By Charles de Lint - Added October 2008



By Scott Sigler - Added September 2008


The Everlasting

By Tim Lebbon - Added August 2008



By Tim Lebbon - Added August 2008


The Reach of Children

By Tim Lebbon - Added August 2008



By David Morrell - Added July 2008


River Runs Red

By Jeff Mariotte - Added June 2008


The Reapers

By John Connolly - Added May 2008



By Douglas Preston - Added April 2008


Coffin County

By Gary A. Braunbeck - Added March 2008


Variations On A Theme from Seinfeld

By Peter Straub - Added February 2008


Bubba Ho-Tep

By Joe R. Lansdale - Added January 2008


Generation Y

By Nancy Kilpatrick - Added December 2007


The Departed

By Clive Barker - Added November 2007


Ex Nihilo

By Stephen Volk - Added October 2007


Unmarked Graves

By Shaun Hutson - Added September 2007


Dead Men's Boots

By Mike Carey - Added August 2007



By Sarah Langan - Added July 2007


Necroscope: The Touch

By Brian Lumley - Added June 2007


Wildwood Road

By Christopher Golden - Added May 2007


Another Chart of the Silences

By Chaz Brenchley - Added April 2007


First, Catch Your Demon

By Graham Joyce - Added March 2007



By Mick Garris - Added February 2007


The Secret of Crickley Hall

By James Herbert - Added January 2007


Hannibal Rising

By Thomas Harris - Added December 2006


Lisey's Story

By Stephen King - Added November 2006


Eat Me

By Scott Nicholson - Added October 2006


Spear of Destiny

By Jaspre Bark - Added September 2006


Death Hulk

By Matthew Sprange - Added September 2006



By Simon Spurrier - Added September 2006


The Empty Room

By Tim Lebbon - Added August 2006



By Kelley Armstrong - Added July 2006


Abraham's Boys

By Joe Hill - Added June 2006



By F Paul Wilson - Added May 2006



By Graham Masterton - Added April 2006



By David A Sutton - Added March 2006


Clearly Dead

By Simon Clark - Added February 2006


  Late Night Pick-Up

By Peter Crowther - Added January 2006


Boxing Day

By Peter Crowther writing as Nick Hassam - Added December 2005


Cat and Mouse

By Ramsey Campbell - Added November 2005


Wild Things

By Teri A. Jacobs - Added October 2005


Completist Heaven

By Kim Newman - Added September 2005


Losing It

By Mark Morris - Added August 2005


We Can Get Them For You Wholesale

By Neil Gaiman- Added July 2005


The Diminished

By Conrad Williams - Added June 2005


More Bitter Than Death

By Michael Marshall Smith - Added May 2005


The Penitent

By Stephen Laws - Added April 2005


The Honey Ward

By Andrew Hook - Added March 2005



By Christopher Fowler - Added February 2005


The Brother

By Tony Richards - Added January 2005


Time Bleeds On

By Andrew Humphrey - Added December 2004


We Die Young

By Nelson Stanley - Added November 2004



By Des Lewis - Added October 2004


The Fear

By Elizabeth Peake - Added September 2004



By Christopher Fulbright - Added August 2004



By Steve Lockley and Paul Lewis - Added July 2004


Waiting For The Call

By Stuart Young - Added June 2004



By Tade Thompson - Added May 2004


Speckled Jim

By Christopher Teague - Added April 2004


The Unbearable Being of Light

By Jeffrey Thomas - Added March 2004



By Marion Arnott - Added February 2004


In the Shadow of the Nodding God

By Richard Gavin - Added January 2004


Poor Diedra

By Tim Meads - Added December 2003


In the Bathroom

By D. Harlan Wilson - Added November 2003


Samedi's Child

By Marie O'Regan - Added October 2003




By Steve Gerlach - Added September 2003


The Heart of Darkness

By Eddie M. Angerhuber - Added August 2003


Cain's Moon

By Susanne S. Brydenbaugh - Added July 2003



By Steven Deighan - Added June 2003


The Hungry Ones

By Joe Rattigan - Added May 2003


The Afterthought

By Sarah Crabtree - Added April 2003


They Wait

By Simon Bestwick - Added March 2003


Pretty Enough

By Suellen Luwish - Added February 2003


Scar Tissue

By Neal Asher - Added January 2003



By Sue Phillips - Added December 2002



By Paul Finch - Added November 2002


Dead Eye

By Amy Grech - Added October 2002


The Journeyman

By David Price - Added September 2002



By Quentin S. Crisp - Added August 2002



By Shannon Riley - Added July 2002



By Robert D. Rowntree - Added June 2002


Soul Searcher

By Derek M. Fox - Added May 2002


Make it Rock & Roll

By Lisa Negus - Added April 2002


Living Doll


By Peggy J. Shumate - Added March 2002


Sibling Rivalry

By Hertzan Chimera - Added February 2002


The Power

By Paul Melniczek - Added January 2002


To Make You King

By Mark West - Added December 2001


The Mask

By Alison LR Davies - Added November 2001


Behind the Painted Face

By John B. Ford - Added October 2001




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