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Variant Posters


Life-O-Matic, starring Joe Paulson


Life-O-Matic, starring Christina Natividad


Life-O-Matic, featuring Chris Pearson


Life-O-Matic, featuring Portia Gregory


Life-O-Matic, with Adam Sheldon


Life-O-Matic, with Mike Burnell


Life-O-Matic, featuring Maggie Cassidy


Life-O-Matic, featuring Jimmy Phillips


Product Designs


Wheat-Ex, Life-O-Matic product


Pain-Away Extra, Life-O-Matic product


Grime-A-Gon - Life-O-Matic product


Aquatonics - Life-O-Matic Product


Trapps Tomato Catsup - Life-O-Matic product


Hear's Candy - Life-O-Matic product


Easr's Stomach Remedy - Life-O-Matic product


Photos from Screening/Red Carpet/Q&A at Oceanside Film Festival


Star Theatre, Oceanside Intl Film Festival


cast and director of Life-O-Matic


Sunset Brooks THeatre, Oceanside Film Festival



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