Below you will find photos from The World Horror Convention Paul Kane attended in Brighton, March 25th - 28th, 2010


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Sarah Pinborough, Weston Ochse

Sarah Pinborough and Weston Ochse hand out an award.



Ellen Datlow, Steve Rasnic Tem

As do Ellen Datlow and Steve Rasnic Tem.





Norman Prentiss

Norman Prentiss winning the short fiction award.




F.Paul Wilson, Tim Lebbon

F. Paul and Tim hand out a Stoker.




Neil Gaiman, Ramsey Campbell

Neil Gaiman and Ramsey Campbell.




Michael Knost

Michael Knost winning the non-fiction award.



Lisa Morton, Kim Newman

Lisa Morton and Kim Newman.



Peter Crowther, Brian Lumley

Peter Crowther and Brian Lumley.



Brian Lumley

Brian Lumley receiving his lifetime achievement award from the HWA.



Nightjar launch

The Nightjar Press launch.




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