Below you will find photos from The World Horror Convention Paul Kane attended in Brighton, March 25th - 28th, 2010


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Martel Sardina

The Dark Arts launch and signing.



David J. Howe

The Telos launches hosted by David Howe.






Complete with skull!




Telos launch: Simon Clark, Vincent Chong

Simon Clark and Vincent Chong signing their Telos books.




Simon Taylor, Jasper Kent

The Transworld launch, and Simon Taylor (left) introduces Jasper Kent (right).




Jasper Kent launch

Jasper’s book Thirteen Years Later.



Thirteen Years later cake

The wonderful cake produced to celebrate.



Art show: Vincent Chong

The art show downstairs, including Vincent Chong’s cover for Paul’s book Of Darkness and Light (top, second in from left).



Art show

People perusing the prints.



Art show: Dominic Harman

Dominic Harman’s wares.



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