Below you will find photos from The World Horror Convention Paul Kane attended in Brighton, March 25th - 28th, 2010


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Mandy Slater, Martel Sardina, Mike Willmoth, Marie O'Regan, Jo Fletcher

The full panel line-up, also including Mandy Slater (far left) and Martel Sardina (second left).




Robert Shearman

© Helen Hopley

Love Songs for the Shy and Cynical author Robert Shearman.



Chizine launch

The ChiZine launch with Brett Alexander Savory.




Tim Lebbon

Selling copies of Tim Lebbon’s The Thief of Broken Toys.




sarah Pinborough, Tim Lebbon

© Helen Hopley

Sarah Pinborough and Tim Lebbon.



Paul Kane, Marie O'Regan

Paul with his lovely wife, Marie O’Regan.



Constable and Robinson launch

Books laid out for the Constable and Robinson launches.



Tim Lebbon

Tim Lebbon


Stephen Jones, Brian Lumley

Stephen Jones (left) with Brian Lumley (right).



Best New Horror launch

The Best of Best New Horror launch about to start.



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