Below you will find photos from The World Horror Convention Paul Kane attended in Brighton, March 25th - 28th, 2010


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The Gemini Factor, by Paul Kane

A Gemini Factor standee.



The Gemini Factor, by Paul Kane

Geminis for sale.





Gemini Factor launch party

The display at the table to launch The Gemini Factor.




Paul Kane, Steve Upham - Gemini Factor signing

Paul and publisher/cover artist Steve Upham signing copies of the book for punters.




Paul Kane

© Charles Prepolec

Paul busy signing.




Marie O'Regan, Paul Kane

© Barbie Wilde

Marie and Paul show off the new novel.



Paul Kane, Ann Billson

© Steve Upham

Paul with author and film critic Ann Billson at the launch.



John L. Probert

John L. Probert signing copies of his Screaming Dreams book.



John L. Probert, Tony Richards

And with Tony Richards.



Peter Crowther, Nicky Crowther

© Helen Hopley

Nicky and Peter Crowther.




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