Below you will find photos from the World Fantasy Convention and Hellbound Hearts book launch Paul Kane attended in San José, California, October 29th – November 1st, 2009.


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Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, California

Back at the Fairmont and the con is in full swing...



Bar, WFC 2009




Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, California

Friday, and time to check out The Star Trek Exhibition across the way...


  Star Trek Exhibition, Paul Kane

 Paul on the bridge of the Enterprise: ‘Warp speed ahead!’


Captain Kirk, Star Trek Exhibition

The new Captain Kirk in the window.


Paul Kane, Hellbound Hearts, Pinhead

Halloween, and Paul gears up for the launch of HBHs in his fancy dress...




 Hellbound Hearts

An arrangement of books at the party.



Hellbound Hearts

The bigger arrangement, complete with standee and puzzle boxes!


Hellbound Hearts

Close-up of the books. Don’t they look gorgeous?


Puzzle boxes

A collection of puzzle boxes, made especially for the event.




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