Below you will find photos and videos from the SFX Weekender Paul Kane was a guest at in Camber Sands, February 5th - 6th, 2010


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Dealers' Room

Another one of the stalls in the main room.


Robert Rankin

Robert Rankin, who will host the SFX Awards.



Panel Discussion

The Gollancz panel featuring David Moody, Justina Robson, Joe Abercrombie and...


  Panel Discussion

The Steel Remains author, Richard Morgan.



Al Ewing

Zombo writer Al Ewing on the 2000 AD stall.



Glenn Fabry

Glenn Fabry showing off his artwork on the 2000 AD stall.



Leigh Gallagher

Leigh Gallagher with some of his Defoe artwork.


 Judge Death

His name is Death, Judge Death!



“Have you seen the droids we’re looking for?”


Editors' Panel

The editors and agents panel, featuring Simon Spanton (second from left), Jon Oliver (right) and Mark Newton (second from right)



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