Below you will find photos and videos from the SFX Weekender Paul Kane was a guest at in Camber Sands, February 5th - 6th, 2010


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On the main stage, there’s a Ghostbusters flavour.



Mr. Stay-Puft

Who ya gonna call?



SFX Weekender, Pontins, Camber Sands

The big screen showing exclusive genre TV and movies.



  Screening room

And in action during the con.


Gareth David-Lloyd

Gareth ‘Ianto’ David-Lloyd on stage...



Ian Berriman, Gareth David-Lloyd

Being interviewed by Ian Berriman.


Jonathon Oliver

Jonathan Oliver on the Abaddon/Solaris stall.


 Aliens vs Predator

Rebellion are also promoting their new game ‘Aliens Vs Predator’.



David Moore

David Moore blogging live from the Abaddon stall.


Paul Kane

Paul doing a signing session on the Friday.


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