Below you will find photos from Paul Kane & Marie O’Regan’s Honeymoon and The World Horror Convention in Toronto, Canada, March-April 2007.


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Marie O'Regan, Paul Kane

Marie and Paul all poshed up for the Stoker Awards Banquet.



 Stoker Awards, WHC Banquet

The meal is lovely.




 Paul Kane, Marie O'Regan, Peter Atkins

Paul & Marie with Pete Atkins.



Stoker winners, WHC

Some of the Stoker Winners.



  Stoker winners, WHC

A wider shot of them



Paul Kane, Marie O'Regan

The Honeymooners: Paul and Marie.


Sarah Langan

The Keeper author Sarah Langan on the New Voices panel, Sunday morning.



Peter Crowther, Joe R. Lansdale, Michael Marshall Smith

Joe R. Lansdale talks horror.



WHC Raffle

The raffle hosted by Stephen Jones.




Peter Atkins, Michael Marshall Smith, Peter Crowther, Nancy Kilpatrick, John Picacio

The closing ceremony.


Toronto at night

The last views of Toronto at night.


Toronto at night

It'll be missed...


Toronto Airport

Back to the airport, ready for the flight home.



Photos Paul Kane 2007



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