Below you will find photos from Paul Kane & Marie O’Regan’s Honeymoon and The World Horror Convention in Toronto, Canada, March-April 2007.


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Ellen Datlow, F. Paul Wilson, Stephen Jones, Ramsey Campbell

The Saturday morning ‘How Hard Can it be to edit a Year’s Best Anthology’, moderated by F. Paul Wilson (second from left), with panellists Ellen Datlow (far left), Stephen Jones (second from right) and Ramsey Campbell (far right).



David Morrell, Gahan Wilson, Robert J. Sawyer, F. Paul Wilson, Joe R. Lansdale

The ‘Masters of the Craft’ panel with David Morrell (left), Gahan Wilson, Robert Sawyer, F. Paul Wilson and Joe R. Lansdale.



 David Morrell, Gahan Wilson

David Morrell with Gahan Wilson.



Michael Marshall Smith, Stephen Jones

Michael Marshall Smith interviewed by old friend, Stephen Jones.



 Ramsey Campbell

Likewise, Ramsey Campbell puts the questions to Pete Atkins.



Stephen Volk, Michael Marshall Smith, Lisa Morton, Joe R. Lansdale, Peter Atkins, Christopher Golden

The scriptwriting panel.


DocumStephen Volk

Stephen Volk.



Joe R. Lansdale, Peter Atkins, Christopher Golden

Joe Lansdale, Pete Atkins and Christopher Golden talk scripting.


Dealers' Room, WHC

The all-important Dealers’ Room.



Twilight Tales

The Twilight Tales table.



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