Below you will find photos from Paul Kane & Marie O’Regan’s Honeymoon and The World Horror Convention in Toronto, Canada, March-April 2007.


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Gary A. Braunbeck, Mark Morris, Brian Keene

The late night ‘What is Horror?’ panel with Mark Morris (centre), Brian Keene (right) and Gary A. Braunbeck (left).



Amanda Foubister, Sephera Giron

The opening ceremony, with chairperson Amanda Foubister (left) and Sèphera (right) as MC.



Christopher Golden

Buffy and Hellboy scribe Christopher Golden.



Art Show Raffle, WHC

In the Art Show Room, a collection of raffle prizes.



Hellraiser Memorabilia

And Hellraiser memorabilia.


Mandy Slater, Mike McCarty

One of the first panels, Future Chills – moderated by Mandy Slater, with Grindhouse effects man Mike McCarty as a panellist.


Peter Atkins, Steven Volk

Plus Guest of Honour Peter Atkins (left) and Afterlife creator Stephen Volk.


Joe R. Lansdale, Thomas F. Monteleone

Bubba Ho-tep writer and Grand Master at the Con, Joe R. Lansdale (left) being interviewed by Tom Monteleone.


Pete Atkins

Pete Atkins introduces his movie, Hellbound: Hellraiser 2


Joshua Bilmes, Don D'Auria, Ellen Datlow, Liz Gorinsky, Dorothy Lumley

The ‘What are agents and editors looking for?’ panel with Joshua Bilmes of JabberWocky Agency, Don D’Auria of Leisure, Ellen Datlow, Liz Gorinsky of Tor , Dorothy Lumley and George Mann of Solaris (not pictured).


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