Below you will find photos from the SFX Event Paul Kane attended in Blackpool on the weekend of 21st -23rd June 2002

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We don't need to see this (K-)Man's weekend pass...


Psst...He isn't a real Stormtrooper you know, Maria


Emmy award winning FX make-up man Joel Harlow (who has worked with the likes of Nic Cage and Donald Sutherland) gives a demonstration...


While Rob Hinderstein (effects man on Jurassic Park) regales the crowd with tales of condom inflated neck appliances!


Here's one we made up earlier. Is it Spike or a look-a-like? Well, James Marsters is a star guest so who knows...


Out and about in Blackpool! It's a fair cop ossifer...



All Photography (C) Paul Kane 2002



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