Below you will find photos from The World Fantasy Convention 2011 in San Diego which Paul Kane attended October 26th – 30th 2011.


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Brit party raffle prizes

The raffle prizes, including copies of Butterfly Man and Arrowland



Graham Joyce

Graham Joyce, about to draw the raffle




 Graham Joyce

And the winner is...






  Sarah Pinborough tending bar

Sarah serving up drinks for F. Paul Wilson (left) and Sam Sykes (right)




WFC Brit Party

The party in full flow




Graham Joyce, Stephen Jones

Graham with Stephen Jones



 WFC banquet

The famous WFC banquet and awards on the last day




Banquet treats, WFC San Diego

Treats at the table


WFC Banquet, San Diego

The banquet in full swing


Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman chatting to some of the other banquet-goers


Marie O'Regan, Paul Kane

Marie and Paul at the banquet (photo courtesy Nancy Kilpatrick)




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