Below you will find photos from The World Fantasy Convention 2011 in San Diego which Paul Kane attended October 26th – 30th 2011.


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Faustian pact panel.

Paul on the Faustian Pacts panel moderated by Guy Gavriel Kay



Edge launch party

At the Edge launch party





 Gaslight Arcanum

To celebrating the Holmes anthology, Gaslight Arcanum, coming out





 Paul Kane

Paul reading from his story in the book, ‘The Greatest Mystery’





WFC Brit Party

The WFC 2013 Brit party!





L to R: Amanda Foubister, Pete Atkins, Sarah Pinborough, Michael Marshall Smith, Marie O'Regan, Paul Kane. In front: Nate.

Paul and Marie at the party with (from R-L), Michael Marshall Smith, Sarah Pinborough, Pete Atkins and Amanda Foubister – with Mike’s son, Nate, front and centre.




 Posters at Brit Party

Some of the posters on the door, including one for Paul’s Butterfly Man collection






Elizabeth Monteleone, Tom Monteleone, Lawrence C. Connolly

At the party (from L-R), Elizabeth and Tom Monteleone, and Lawrence C. Connolly










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