Below you will find a photo-journal from The Institute of Ideas' 'Genes and Society' Festival event Paul Kane attended in London on the weekend of 26th-27th April 2003

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There's just time to say goodbye to Louis and Nigel, who is shooting off to the set of the new Exorcist movie, and grab lunch with Sandy Starr - who, it turns out, is a big Clive Barker fan - before the 'Sci-Fi Futures: Literature and Contemporary Concerns' session begins at 2:30. I can relax a bit more now and watch other panelists doing their thing. As well as Ken, there's Jennie Bristow, Commissioning Editor of Spiked, Gwyneth Jones, SF and Children's author, and Norman Levitt, Professor of Mathematics at Rutgers University and author of Prometheus Bedeviled.


All too soon the weekend is over and we've got to head for home. I can honestly say I enjoyed myself immensely though, and look forward to attending more in the future...


You can read a shortened version of Paul's speech by clicking here


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