Below you will find photos from the BFS FantasyCon Paul Kane attended in Stafford, November 21st-23rd 2003

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Paul, with BFS President and living legend Ramsey Campbell


Some major pow-wows are going on with, amongst others, Steve Lockley, Robert Morgan (of Sarob Press) and Gary Couzens


Fiddleback author Mark Morris and his infamous shirt


Free drinks at the Telos book launches


David Howe addresses a crowd which includes writers like Stephen Gallagher, Tim Lebbon and Katherine Roberts


The winners of the British Fantasy Awards are announced


Filmed by Martin Roberts of Purple Rage Productions


Paul finally gets to meet in person his friend, literary hero, and FCon 'Guest of Honour' Christopher Fowler, author of Disturbia and the excellent new collection Demonized (below)



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And you can read Paul and Marie O'Regan's FCon report here

Convention photographs (C) P. Kane 2003


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