Below you will find photos from the BFS FantasyCon Paul Kane attended in Nottingham, September 21st - 23rd, 2007

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Stephen Volk

Stephen Volk’s presentation…



Stephen Volk

Steve’s chuffed that he’s just made the audience cry with his Afterlife ‘death scene’ clip.



FantasyCon raffle

People getting ready for the Saturday night raffle.


FantasyCon raffle

Take your seats…


Jo Fletcher, Stephen Jones, Michael Marshall Smith

This year it’s hosted by Smith and Jones, with Jo Fletcher (left) handing out the prizes.


Stephen Jones, Michael Marshall Smith

The team in action.


Michael Marshall Smith, Paula Grainger

At the banquet on the Sunday: Mike with his wife, Paula Grainger.


FantasyCon Banquet

The banquet about to begin.


Stephen Jones, Mandy Slater, Michael Marshall Smith

On the top table: Stephen, Mandy Slater and Mike.



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