Below you will find photos from the FantasyCon 2005 which Paul Kane attended in Walsall, 30th September-2nd October 2005

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At the banquet, Outreamer creator Chaz Brenchley.


Hilarity at the banquet with Stephen King (right). No, really.


About to announce the BFS Award Winners 2005.


The new award: A demon! Yay!


The final GoH Steve Ericksen makes a speech.


Ramsey Campbell accepts an award for creator of Quatermass, Nigel Neale.


Andrew Hook wins his first award, for editing The Alsiso Project.


Best Artist, Les Edwards.


Andrew wins Best Small Press for Elastic.


Peter Crowther picks up Stephen Gallagher's award for Best Collection.


Paul Meloy wins Best Short Story.


Lest we forget where we are…because of all the alkihol.


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