Below you will find photos from the When Darkness Comes book launch Paul Kane attended in Wales on the weekend of 7th-9th May, 2004

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What was that noise?


Intrepid investigator Erkan.


Spiritualist Trance Medium and Photographer Richard Buckland gathers the group together.


Andrew and Richard hold a sťance in which a dead murderer called Tom comes through.


More spirits in the bar area.


Marie O'Regan in relaxed mode.


The lack of sleep takes its toll.


Starting to nod.




One of the anomalies Paul captured on film.


And another.


Links to other Guests from the Day:

Spectral Electronics

Naiad - Pagan Priestess

Jacky 'The Angel Lady' Newcomb

South Wales Paranormal Research Group

North Wales Paranormal Research Group

Len Lay, Historian

Astrology College

Dr Raymond Roberts, hypnotherapist

Photographs © P. Kane, M. O'Regan & K. Burnell 2004

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