Below you will find photos from FantasyCon 2011 in Brighton which Paul Kane co-chaired September 30th – October 2nd 2011.

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FantasyCon disco

Saturday night, and time for the disco!


Sarah Pinborough

With Sarah Pinborough DJ-ing



FantasyCon disco

A room full of writers, editors and publishers getting down with their bad selves


FantasyCon disco

The dancefloor heaving


FantasyCon Banquet

The next day and time for the yearly banquet


Jen and Marie O'Regan

Mum and daughter, Jen with Marie


Sarah Pinborough

Sarah, readying to introduce the Guest of Honour Speeches


Peter Atkins, Gwyneth Jones, Brian Aldiss

Guests Peter Atkins, Gwyneth Jones and Brian Aldiss at their table


Brian Aldiss

Brian giving the first of the speeches


Joe Abercrombie

Joe Abercrombie


Gwyneth Jones

World Fantasy Award-winner, Gwyneth Jones





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